VEENAVAADHINI Chamber Concerts

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Celebrating the festivals of Varalakshmi Vrata and Gokulashtami, we hosted two chamber concerts on 26th August, 2007, with the following themes:

1. Varalakshmi Namosthuthe

Kamakshi and Meenakshi – Vocal
Kolkata K. Harish – Violin
Manikantan – Mridangam

2. Om Namo Narayana

Bharathi Ramasubban – Vocal
K.P. Nandhini – Violin
B. Srivatsan – Mridangam

The first concert comprised of a comprehensive list of compositions on Goddess Varalakshmi, including Sri Varalakshmi (Sriragam), Varalakshmi Neeye (Salakabhairavi), Kamakshi Varalakshmi (Bilahari), Varalakshmi Namosthuthe (Gowrimanohari), Varalakshmim Bhajare (Sourashtram). All the compositions were rendered to perfection by Kum Meenakshi and Kum Kamakshi. The Gowrimanohari Krithi was preceded by a short alapana by Meenakshi and ended with a round of swarams. Kolkata K. Harish excelled in his raga alapana of Gowrimanohari and gave fitting replies when his turn for kalpanaswaras arrived. Manikantan on the mridangam played his role with enthusiasm.

Kum Bharathi Ramasubban was given the theme of Krishna/Narayana. Starting with a brilliant rendition in two speeds of the Saveri Varnam Sarasuda Ninne, she went on to present a chaste version of Venugana Loluni, a Thyagaraja Krithi in Kedaragowlai. Her main piece of the evening was Balagopala in Bhairavi and Pankaja Lochana in Kalyani was the submain. Her biggest asset is her pliable voice combined with a full throated rendition, with an ability to traverse the higher octave with ease. Her raga alapanas of Kedaragowlai, Kalyani and Bhairavi were characterized with Sampradaya sudhham, and furthermore, bore the stamp of her own originality. It was heartening to see the artist implore her imagination to coax out lightning phrases with a lot of ease, and her singing also had a lot of punches, reminiscent of some of the golden greats of carnatic music. K. P. Nandini on the violin was very professional in her approach. B. Srivatsan on the mridangam presented an enjoyable thani avarthanam.

After the programme, Prasadam, and Manjal Kumkum for all the ladies present was distributed. We would also like to acknowledge here the assistance provided by Sri Krishna Sweets for printing the invitation cards for the programme.

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