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A lovely weekend in New York, starting with a visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, walking around Central Park, watching an open-air Shakesparean play in Riverside Park, watching a French Vintage car rally and listening to a live music band in the Union Square Park. A perfectly happy and no blahs summery weekend, as they say in these parts!! About the live music and the play… the element of perfection in whatever was executed was noteworthy. And in the Museum, we wanted to see if the Veena had a place in the Musical Instruments section. Sure enough it did, and this warmed our hearts. There were two veenas, one from the 1940s with ivory inlay work, and the other a more recent one. There were also some miniature Tamburas with intricate painting on them, a Kinnari veena and a Rudra Veena, and a Mayuri Veena which had the kodam shaped like a peacock. A big thanks to our dear friend Vasudha for helping with taking the pictures.

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