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Do excuse our temerity to put this picture up here….but we could not help share this rare privilege that the author of this book has given us. “Let’s Know Music and Musical Instruments of India” is a book authored by Madhumita Dutta. It is a nice book giving an account of musical instruments used in India. This page is featured in the chapter “String Instruments”.

Just to tell you a small story, on a visit to London, we went to watch a play. An Englishman sitting beside Jeyaraaj noticed the deep cuts on his index and middle fingers and asked if he played the sitar. He told him we both played an instrument similar to the sitar called the Veena. He said he enjoyed Indian Classical Music and enquired if we had heard Pandit Ravi Shankar live. When we answered in the affirmative, he replied “What a privilege!” We would now like to tell him that the most humbling privilege in our life is THIS…. “To be on the same page” with one of the greatest ambassadors of Indian Classical Music that our country has ever produced and ever will!!

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